Change Your Water, change your body and change your life…

Water is so simple and so basic that it is easy to overlook when you consider the factors that determine health or illness. Yet it is often the simplest factors that can make the biggest differences. Water is the very foundation for life. It makes up about 75% of your body. Water cannot be overlooked if you intend to experience vibrant health.



Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Most people think dehydration is something that would happen if they got lost in the desert and had to go without water for several days. The truth is that chronic (ongoing) dehydration is widespread.  Unlike a camel, the human body has no way to store water. Dehydration results when you don t replace all the water that is lost during each day s activities. Chronic dehydration results when small amounts of water are not replaced day after day. And to make matters worse, many drink beverages containing caffeine or alcohol. These substances cause a net loss, rather than a gain of water in your body. Those who regularly drink caffeinated or alcoholic beverages are literally “drinking themselves dry.



Life in a fish bowl

Think of your environment as a fish bowl. If the water is not changed or filtered regularly, wastes build up and can eventually extinguish the life within. One of the first functions that is put on hold when water is lacking is detoxification the ongoing removal of cellular waste and environmental toxins.  All the detoxification pathways in the body (liver-colon, kidney-bladder, skin-sweat, lungbreath, and lymphatic system) require water. When water is not supplied in abundance, wastes build up in the fluid that surrounds each cell and all the detoxification pathways become sluggish. However, the body is ingenious. It always adapts. Under the stress of dehydration your body will find places to store toxins where they will not immediately interfere with critical life processes. Toxins and wastes can end up in fatty tissue, in joints, and as deposits in arteries. In the short term, life is preserved, but the long term consequences are obvious. Drinking plenty of good water every day is like changing the water in your fish bowl. And as long as you need to drink water, you might as well get the best water possible. For a variety of reasons, ionized water is being recognized by professionals as the best choice.


What is Ionized Water and How Does It Work?

Ionized water is drinking water that has undergone a process known as ionization. Essentially, this process segregates the acid and alkaline content found in water.  When water is ionized, it becomes what is referred to as alkaline water. Alkaline water has a pH that is between 10 and 1000 times more alkaline than the starting water, depending on the minerals in the original water and on the pH setting you choose. Drinking the alkaline portion of ionized water provides an abundance of alkaline minerals which help to neutralize acidic wastes in your body. When successfully ionized, this type of drinking water can help enhance the ability of the blood to carry  oxygen and also assist in neutralizing free radicals in the bloodstream.

Ionized water have been known to provide hydration that is in the range of three to six times the hydration capability of other types of water.

These enhanced hydration abilities also allows the water to help improve various types of skin conditions. Ionized water also provides a benefit that is also associated with the intake of vitamins such as C, A, and E. The treated water has the ability to carry oxygen infused with an additional electron. It is this added electron that helps to give it the increased capacity to seek out and effectively prevent free radicals from making the body more receptive to different diseases. That extra electron also helps to prevent premature aging. As a result, the body may function at a higher rate of efficiency and the individual may enjoy more energy on a daily basis.


How Ionized Water Can Help You?

Increased Energy-

One of the first things most people notice when they begin to drink ionised Water is an improvement in their energy. When the day is done they re not.  The difference in the amount of energy people have is a direct reflection of the water s organizational structure. When you improve the efficiency of the foundational substance in your body, you are bound to have more energy especially when that substance is a factor in every function in your body even more when that substance is responsible for the greater part of your energy in the first place.  You are also bound to have more energy when you get a restful night s sleep. That s another thing that many people notice.



In our modern world, nearly every person carries a chemical burden made from environmental toxins. As the earth becomes more polluted, our bodies inadvertently become a filter for those toxins. Many scientists believe environmental toxins are responsible for an entirely new group of disorders that include autoimmune diseases, mood disorders, multiple chemical sensitivities, and a whole list of syndromes. These conditions result when the body’s detoxification pathways become overburdened. Many people have regained their health simply by reducing the toxic burden.  Detoxification is the body’s natural way of removing or neutralizing toxins.  Nothing supports the body s cleansing and elimination like good water.


A quicker return to origin-

Another thing I have noticed in my practice is that when my patients drink Ionised Water along with the other things, they make progress much quicker. It s almost as though they accomplish six months of healing in just six weeks. Their return to origin al health is much more rapid.
However, there are certain types of health problems that seem to respond more quickly than others. Conditions that respond easily are those that have been specifically linked with dehydration and/or acidosis. These include: blood sugar problems, asthma and allergies, high blood pressure, skin problems, digestive and intestinal disorders, arthritis and other joint problems.